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USCPT – Building a bridge between US and China with our Experience, Relationship and Passion.

USCPT Started as US-China professional Tours. It was founded in 1995 by Nick Qin, an avid traveler and marathon runner. Raised in China, he began his career in the state-owned China Travel Service, and remain personal friends with the key suppliers of travel services and with government tourism officials.
With the contacts and experience of doing business between US and China, the US-professional Training and Consulting Company was established and has served many companies’ business needs to set up business appointments and trade missions through our many contacts. USCPT has sent thousands of tourists, business entrepreneurs, students and professional visitors to China and Southeast Asia and received more and more people coming into the USA.

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Browse through our selection of tours to find the one that is right for you or your group. If you don’t find a match, we can custom tailor a tour package to your needs. US-China Professional Tours is proud to provide our clients with TravelGuard Tour Insurance for their peace of mind while traveling.

Top Ten Reasons To Visit China

  • World’s largest tourism destination by 2016
  • 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Friendly to Americans and Canadians
  • 6000 years of history
  • Diverse country with geography from the Gobi Desert to Himalayan Mountains to world-class modern cities
  • Favorable exchange rate
  • Beijing 2008 Olympic sites
  • World-class shopping & sightseeing
  • English speaking guides
  • Something for everyone