Destination Guide – Guangdong

Guangdong is located on the southern coast of China, near the South China Sea. It borders Hong Kong and Macau and it the “southern gate” to China’s mainland. Many famous historical cities are located in Guangdong, such as Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Meizhou, and Leizhou. Guangdong is currently the most populous province in all of China. Guangdong is the home to the production facilities and offices of many Chinese and multinational corporations, and is a massive center of production.

Guangdong used to be known as Canton, and the traditional language of the region is still referred to as Cantonese, although Mandarin is also widely spoken in Guangdong, too. Many dishes that people consider to be Chinese food in America have their origins in this region.

There are many attractions for sight-seers and tourists in Guangdong, such as The Nanhai Movie and TV Town (which is considered by many to be the “Hollywood” of China), The Shenzen Window of the World, The Chen Family Temple, The Loufu Mountain National Scenic Area, Danxia Mountain, The Foshan Ancestral Temple, and The Western Han Nanue King Tomb Museum.