Destination Guide – Guilin

Guilin is located in the northeast of the Guangzi Zhuang Autonomous Region, sitting in the Li River’s west bank. Guilin is well known for it’s unique scenery and Karst topography, making it one of China’s most inviting destinations for tourists, and it is China’s second-most popular tourist destination after Beijing. It is renowned for it’s picturesque landscapes and subtropical climate. Many sweet osmanthus’ bloom every Autumn, filling the air with their sweet aroma. The name Guilin literally translates to “forest of sweet osmanthus”.

There are many popular attractions in Guilin. Taking a tour by boat on the Li River is one of the most popular activities, and it will allow you to explore quite a bit of Guilin’s scenic landscapes and take in the beauty of your surroundings. One of the highlights along the Li River is definitely Elephant Trunk Hill, which is considered to be the symbol of the city of Guilin. It is named as such because it looks like an enormous elephant drinking water with it’s trunk.

Other attractions include Reed Flute Cave, a beautiful system of underground caverns with limestone formations enhanced by multicolored lighting. Seven Star Park has numerous hills to hike through with monkeys that run around freely, beautiful gardens, and also a zoo. Solitary Beauty Peak offers a 360-degree view of Guilin. Other popular attractions include Jingjian Princes City, Camel Mountain, Fubo Hill, Moon Hill, Longsheng Rice Terrace, and the Daxu Ancient Town.