The coastal areas along the South China Sea boost many of the finest natural diving facilities in the world. Known as “the Key West of China”, Sanya, an island located off the Hainan Islands at the southernmost point of China, is one of China’s best diving resorts, complete with modern diving facilities and professional training programs.

At Sanya, you will find the world’s largest soft coral groups along with abundant hard corals and tropical fish species. Located in a special economic zone and designated as a State-Level Tourism & Holiday Resort, Sanya’s coral reef and other natural resources have received special protection against pollution sponsored by the state government.

Professional instructors and guides were hired for tourists interested in a diving experience and deep-sea explorations. Training courses ranging from elementary to advance are offered year-round bt CMAS and NAUL certified instructors and your safety is guaranteed. So why not add a diving experience to your next trip to China

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